A Shooting Star

Empower your world with one simple kind act

featuring 18 young artists from around the world

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‘A Shooting Star’ is a heartfelt, empowering story of how, Sarah—a young girl who moves to a new location with her family—helps turn around her negative perception through the magic of giving and receiving ‘A Shooting Star’. This kind action turns into a movement that deepens positive connections and  relationships, not only within her family and school, but the whole community as well. 


In a world of distraction, where negativity, bullying, dobbing, and social media demand our attention, this book helps create balance.


This book is for parents, teachers, families, and everyone who works to empower children. Through this one simple kind action—that can be done at any time of the day, by both YOU and YOUR child, as a TEAM,  TOGETHER—you can start to see and acknowledge the star qualities you wish to see in each other!  


Start sharing ‘A Shooting Star’ as soon as you finish reading this book!! I am so excited for you. 


Will you join me and be part of this evolution of change?