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Watch ' A Shooting Star' book trailer
right here!

A Shooting Star is an inspiring educational book featuring 18 young artists from around the world. Through beautiful illustrations and creative storytelling, the book honours grandmothers and invites children to join a kindness and leadership empowerment


With a fun contagious, mindfulness action that build positive character strengths and inner confidence, this book is sure to engage and entertain readers of all ages.


 This kind action turns into a movement that deepens positive connections and  relationships, not only within her family and school, but the whole community as well.

In a world of distraction, where negativity, bullying, dobbing, and social media demand our attention, this book helps create balance.


This book is for all who work to empower youth. Through this one simple kind action—that can be done at any time of the day, by both YOU and YOUR child, as a TEAM,  TOGETHER—you can ignite a ripple effect that can last a lifetime and beyond. 


You'll want to start sharing  ‘A Shooting Star’ as soon as you finish reading this book!! I am so excited for you. 


Will you join me and be part of this evolution of change? 

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For children (+ adults) to practice discovering seeing and acknowledging each other for the qualities that make them shine, The strengths that we wish to model and see in them ourselves. Here are a few more reasons behind why i created this book after 20 years of teaching ...

  • adds to a positive culture

  • balances negativity

  • enhances feelings of self-worth

  • is fun, playful, easy and simple

  • develops leadership qualities

  • embodies values                          

  • creates new neural pathways                       

  • develops and builds character

  • fosters self and social awareness                   

  • positive psychology based 

  • an antidote to bullying and victim behaviours

  • a simple system that is easily integrated in the classroom or home developing deeper positive parent- teacher-child relationships. 


18 children or teenage illustrators between the ages of 6-19 years of age have been given this opportunity to be seen and acknowledged for their strengths and talents.


They are also from around the globe.

9 Australians,

2 Indonesian,

2 Tanzanian ( Africa),

2 German,

1 English,

1 Czech Republic,

1 Solomon Islander

This is another way in giving 'A Shooting Star'. To allow someone’s talent and star qualities to shine and ripple effect out to the world. This process is about representing the passion behind each Illustrator, their belief in the movement of ' A Shooting Star' and for their bravery to stand out in sharing their unfolding gift to their family, school, community and to the world. Each has a profile on here for you to view.

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Shoot for the stars and create your own kindness and leadership, mindfulness movement through this heart felt story with
instructions at the end.
Contact Andrew if you'd like to create YOUR OWN
 'A Shooting Star book' that replaces the
illustrators with children/teens
in your community. 
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