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Andrew's Latest book 'A Shooting Star' Junior Version is here!

Shoot for the stars and create your own kindness and leadership, mindfulness movement.
Andrew's book honours grandmothers and celebrates the talent of 18 young artists from around the world.
Much asked for this Junior version has less text and is recommended for 3-7 year olds.
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'A Shooting Star book'

Watch the new A Shooting Star book trailer right here!


 'A Shooting Star' is a heartfelt, empowering book and movement that deepens relationships, through seeing and acknowledging a child, in classrooms and in homes. Children are empowered through a fun action when they are given the space and power to do the same thing. 

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Not just an ordinary book. This is a book that supports a movement, that creates an evolutionary change of empowering children, merging cultures and thriving in the classroom and home. After a career of 25 years teaching and being in over 400+ schools and interacting with hundreds of thousands of students with many cultural backgrounds and locations, I have written this book to support children, families, educators, and all people working with children.  A book to change and even challenge the hearts and minds of how we see each other every day. Through one simple action, demonstrated within this story that encourages children to be seen and acknowledged by another. Then for them to be empowered to act in seeing and acknowledging what they want to see in another has a powerful ripple effect within, and the environment around. It is a movement and environment I've been trialling over the last four years in my classrooms I set up, a family retreat, on relief teaching days, and in other environments as well including a poetry morning at a coffee shop. It’s now with your help going to spread further.

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For children (+ adults) to practice discovering seeing and acknowledging each other for the qualities that make them shine, The strengths that we wish to model and see in them ourselves. Here are a few more reasons behind why i created this book after 20 years of teaching ...

  • adds to a positive culture

  • balances negativity

  • enhances feelings of self-worth

  • is fun, playful, easy and simple

  • develops leadership qualities

  • embodies values                          

  • creates new neural pathways                       

  • develops and builds character

  • fosters self and social awareness                   

  • positive psychology based 

  • an antidote to bullying and victim behaviours

  • a simple system that is easily integrated in the classroom or home developing deeper positive parent- teacher-child relationships. 

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18 children or teenage illustrators between the ages of 6-19 years of age have been given this opportunity to be seen and acknowledged for their strengths and talents. They are also from around the globe. 9 Australians, 2 Indonesian, 2 Tanzanian ( Africa), 2 German, 1 English, 1 Czech Republic, 1 Solomon Island. This is one way in giving 'A Shooting Star' to allow someone’s talent and star qualities to shine and ripple effect out to the world. This process is about representing the passion behind each Illustrator, their belief in the movement of ' A Shooting Star' and for their bravery to stand out in sharing their unfolding gift to their family, school, community and to the world. Each will have a profile on here for you to view in the next up and coming months before the book is launched!

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