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The Shooting Star

parent  or teacher workshop    

On- line or in person
 call to register your interest.  


Payment $444 

From Chaos to Calm, Frustration to Fun and Threats to Thriving

* Discover and learn how you can support creating a fun environment at home ,whilst deepening your

relationships with your children. ( aimed to empower toddlers to pre-teens and adults too ) 

* Using the simplicity of seeing and acknowledging each other through the method of  'The Shooting

Star Kindness and leadership Movement' everyone begins to feel empowered. 

* Supported with hard copy and  downloadable resources ,including

- one hard copy of 'A Shooting Star' - Change your world with one kind act, picture book.

- one hard copy of 'My Shooting Star Journal' A fun daily diary to build your inner character. 
- a manual ,that you can print to support and empower your family/ classroom straight away.
- Posters of character traits
- Shooting star collectable tokens 

* Ideal for supporting home schoolers families as well as classroom teachers and whole schools looking to

 encourage and enhance a positive community environment and culture, where their children thrive.

* for classrooms or home schooling groups larger book orders over 10 discounts on books are available. 

To take part in this training course, please contact Andrew to arrange a suitable time to run this. 


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