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Meet Hannah!

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Hannah L’Estrange.

11 years old and the eldest in my family. I have two sisters aged 9 and 8.

Queensland, Australia

Favourite hobbies/ interests
I enjoy playing Rugby-League, Cooking and Drawing.

How long have you been drawing or creating art?
My passion for art started when I was little. Even though I am only 11, I have been drawing and creating art most of my life. I have always loved it.
My dream is to accomplish my art skills and to continue illustrating and creating art.
The person who inspires me with my artwork is my sister whose name is also Sophie (NB the original name of the character in ‘A Shooting Star’ was named Sophie – It was changed to Sarah). I based my version of the character off her.

What do you like about the story “A Shooting Star”?
My favourite part of the story is how her grandma inspires her to make friends by creating the idea to give people shooting stars.
I think that the story represents kindness, love and courage.

What does it mean to you to be part of this book with the other child illustrators around the world?
To me being in the story with all the other illustrators means a lot. It means that I am part of something awesome.

What advice would you give children or teenagers about going for your dreams?
The advice I would give to people is ... just do it. If you have a dream go for it. You never know what would happen. If you don't choose something, probably not something as good as your dream will happen so choose something that you can achieve it. So as I said you should just go for it!

As a wise kid, what message to you think humanity/humans needs to hear right now.
I think now humanity needs to focus on fixing global warming and coming together to make a stand.

Name one person in your life who you would love to give a shooting star to. Why?
I would give a shooting star to my dad for never giving up even when it is getting hard to continue working on Superdads online.

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