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Meet Luna!

Luna Viktoria



15 (second child of three)



Germany, Bavaria

Favourite hobbies/ interests

Drawing, horseback riding, dog training and cuddling, trekking, snowboarding. When I was little, I climbed into the highest branches of our apple tree. Luckily, my mother did not see it.


How long have you been drawing or creating art?

I was a highly creative child until I was 7. Then I was frustrated and stopped drawing for about three years because I compared my drawings to the art of other, older people (especially to my mom’s). When I was eleven, I had a good friend who loved drawing. We started to draw together and through her recognition I was encouraged to explore my art. Since then I got more and more confident about my drawings and now, I enjoy it again.



What do you like about the story “A Shooting Star”?

I like the visual image of sharing love in form of a shooting star


What does it mean to you to be part of this book with the other child illustrators around the world?

To be part of this book is a unique opportunity to create something beautiful together with other child illustrators of all ages. I like how it shows our different cultures and drawing styles.


How have you used the shooting star with your family or friends?

I use shooting stars mainly with my mother and my brothers. And I will give one to my childhood friend who encouraged me to draw again.

What advice would you give children or teenagers about going for your dreams?

Praise and recognition from others might be helpful but that’s not everything. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and that you do what you love.


As a wise kid, what message to you think humanity/humans needs to hear right now.

Share love and show respect for everyone.

Listen to the ones that want to create a beautiful future.


Name one person in your life who you would love to give a shooting star to. Why?

I want to give a shooting Star to Omala, my great-grandmother.

She is my idol. And she will be my idol forever


Social media

Instagram:  Luna_Viktoria



Instagram:  Luna_Viktoria

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