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Meet Zilla!

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Zukhruf adzillah ( Zilla)

12 years Old , Youngest

Semarang, Indonesia

Favourite hobbies/ interests
Writing and reading, I like to read various books genre, my favorite writer is Tere Liye (Indonesian author) my favorite book is about adventure or journey

How long have you been drawing or creating art?
I was inspired to draw from watching YouTube. From Selina art YouTube channel, she makes very good drawings I have been drawing and creating art for 1 year
I want to be fashion designer. I want to create unique clothes design for hijabi girls. So, they will not getting bored wearing hijab

What do you like about the story “A Shooting Star”?
I love the part when sarah is enjoying the shooting star skies with her grandmother and she inspired sarah to make other people happy with shooting star.

What does it mean to you to be part of this book with the other child illustrators around the world?
It is proof that I can draw, because sometimes my sibling said my drawing is bad

What advice would you give children or teenagers about going for your dreams?
Never give up, even you failed till you get your dream

As a wise kid, what message to you think humanity/humans needs to hear right now?
Love other and don.t hurt anyone. Be good to someone who hurt you, so you wont spread hate

Name one person in your life who you would love to give a shooting star to. Why?
Umi (mother) because she always support n motivate me

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