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Meet Summer!

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Summer Zhen Mei Chin



I am 15 and the eldest with two brothers



Canberra Australia 


Favourite hobbies/ interests

I love drawing, spending time with my friends, watching videos and occasionally playing video games. I’m also really into the show Steven Universe, My Hero Academia and Brooklyn 99 ( Note I quote Brooklyn 99 a lot )


How long have you been drawing or creating art?

I have been drawing ever since I was little (like 3 or 5 years old). I loved making up my own stories with characters interacting with one another. I feel like some of the biggest inspiration for me was watching a lot of cartoons as a kid (for example: Justice League, Batman Brace and the Bold, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, etc) and seeing my dad’s old drawings from when he was in high school. 


In year 6 I made many oc’s (Original Characters) with different personalities. I didn’t quite develop the storylines for them and mostly created them because I liked the style of the character. I began to take drawing more seriously in early year 7. I made a mini story about a ghost called Momo who came back from the dead to look after a little girl. The story didn’t make that much sense though. Near the end of year 7 I started to make a new universe full of different characters. I called the story ‘Keepers Key’. I haven’t really finished it but I think I have the main plot all done.


I never was that kid who always showed their artwork to others, I was not that open about my art at all to be honest. But when I was in year 4 there was this art competition going around different primary schools. The aim of the competition was to design a cow’s pattern (I don’t really remember what it was about). I remember drawing my cow’s design with a blue sky and clouds on it with a golden tail and green legs. I did not think much of my drawing but to my surprise I was one of the winners of the competition! All the kids who ended up winning got to go to the Hellenic Club, there we all helped to paint a real-life version of our drawings onto a cow statue. The statue had the same golden tail from my design too. 


I’m not too sure how to describe art and how it makes me feel but drawing and being able to create new things is just exciting and fun to do. At has helped me to just let out all of my emotions if I have to, like if I’m feeling: really sad, angry, happy, etc, I can just empty my thought onto a sheet of paper and see what it looks like. 


I really enjoy bubbly/soft types of art styles. I find it easier to draw in that style too and it is cute. My style is somewhat inspired by manga/anime with the big eyes and exaggerated facial expressions. Anime has always been a huge help to me to get inspired and to develop my art style, it also has helped me with anatomy and character development (other shows other than anime has helped with this too).


I honestly have no idea what I want to do in the future. I hope to do something relating to my passion of art, I have even thought of making a Webtoon more than once (Webtoon is an app where you can make online comics). I have also investigated graphic designing before and that subject seems really interesting to do.


What do you like about the story “A Shooting Star”?

I think it great to recognise the positive character trait in people before. It is better to focus on the positive things than the negative. If we focus on what people do well and give them a shooting star, they will be encouraged to do it again (a shooting star is sort of like a gold star but for good character trait). My favourite positive character traits include kindness, caring, patience, respect and honesty.


What does it mean to you to be part of this book with the other child illustrators around the world?

I feel like it is a huge honour to be a part of this global community.


How have you used the shooting star with your family or friends?

I’m still working on transitioning this into my everyday life.


What advice would you give children or teenagers about going for your dreams?

If you have dream, follow it. No one else can stop you from reaching your goal. Your future is up to you, you decide what you want to do with it.


As a wise kid, what message to you think humanity/humans needs to hear right now?

Just because kids are young and haven’t had much experience with things doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to their opinions. Their opinions are just as valid as the next person. We should listen to what they want to say instead of straight up ignoring it. They probably have some pretty amazing ideas that could change the world.


Name one person in your life who you would love to give a shooting star to. Why?

There are so many people I would want to give a shooting star too. If I could I would break the star up into pieces and give it to multiple people. So instead of choosing one person I’ll list down the two groups because it WAY to hard to choose between everyone.

* My mum and dad - They both have tried their hardest to take care of me and my brother and keep us happy. They have taught me so much and comforted me in my worsts states. They have sacrificed so much and I can’t imagine being in a world without them. They’re the best and I love them so much.️

* My friends - Okay this is probably going to be super clique of me to say but my friends are amazing. Like actual legends. They make me laugh even if I feel like crying, makes school life 99.9% better, encourages me in my self-worth and things I put time into (like art for example), and are so supportive. I can just be myself around them and open up about my feelings and they understand. They are some of the best people in my life and I do not say that enough to them. I should though. I love them, they’re the best.



Social media

If you want to see more of my artwork and support me you can check out my instagram it would mean a lot




If you need to contact me you can use this email:

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