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A Shooting Star: Testimonials

Empower your world with one simple kind act

featuring 18 young artists from around the world

A Shooting Star’ is an absolute gem! Andrew’s latest book weaves magic for primary aged children and provide opportunities for parents and educators to inspire and empower the shooting stars in their own backyards. Congratulations Andrew and thank you for continuing to inspire our young people and instil within them a love for reading a love for learning and a passion for life!

—Claire Kelly School Principal and Educational Leader

Numurkah Secondary College, Victoria


It is easy to endorse this educative book Shooting Star. It is not an ordinary book. It is rare to see a teaching tool with intriguing nuance. This book has the capacity to transcend boundaries between the learning process and the moral realm for children and early development. Under the auspice of this learning programme children become the agents of change within their environment, creating the change they would like to see in their learning community.

—Dr Cindy Ahearn, Principal


… the message it sends is so important, to be grateful and thankful for even the smallest things.

—Farah, 11 years, Australia


My favourite part of the story is how her grandma inspires her to make friends by creating the idea to give people shooting stars. I think that the story represents kindness, love and courage.

—Hannah, 10 years Australia


I Like how it is two-way acknowledgement.

—Asifiwe, 15 years, Tanzania Africa


The shooting star story is one of heart felt inspiration. A story of how to give love and receive love in flow. The simplicity of it is that it is FREE.

—Tianah, 13 years, Queensland, Australia

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