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“If you focus on the bad,

then you’ll be mad or sad.

So focus on what is alright and you’ll be a bright shining light.”

– Book 1 in the Wise Kids Series - ‘A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me’–


Andrew is currently teaching a kindergarten/ prep/ transition class in the remote community of Nganmarriyanga, 375km SW of Darwin in the Northern Territory. He will be travelling back to the Sunshine Coast for the release of 'A Shooting Star' and the accompanying journal 'My Shooting Star Journal' on the 17th of April. 

Andrew grew up in the very picturesque rural town of Young, (Cherry Capital of Australia) in the south west region of N.S.W, Australia. He spent many a weekend on his grandparent’s sheep, cattle and cereal crop farm helping out.

He trained as a Primary school teacher at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst and worked for the first three years in Canberra as an Indonesian and English as a Second Language teacher.

After that he travelled and worked with children of all backgrounds extensively overseas and around Australia including the very remote areas of the Kimberley in Western Australia and west of Alice Springs.

Between 2008 and 2010 He studied and then practiced kinesiology, which included studying ancient energy health systems of China and India, where he continued to grow in understand how our thoughts and beliefs create the reality we live in more clearly. This combined with the growing knowledge of modern neuroscience, positive psychology and the daily interactions in a variety of school communities over 20 plus years has, inspired the creation of the growing ‘Wise kids Series’ of books and the space for the ‘Wise Kids Hero Quest’ and a classroom leadership program.

Andrew Holt writes books for children of all ages. He is passionate about educating children with tips and tools to be more self and socially aware and responsible and therefore grow in emotional intelligence. Andrew believes that kids have their own valuable perspectives on the world too—if we only listen and create safe spaces and opportunities for them to explore their interests and apply their wisdom in their sharing of this. So it is Andrew’s mission to open the world for these wise kids, and have as much fun as he can while doing so.

His first book, in the ‘Wise Kids Series’ - A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me: Top Tips for Wise Kids, was released in September 2015, creating opportunities for deepening relationships through asking the questions written within. It has had very positive feedback from a wide section of society from counsellors, teachers, parents, children, doctors, social workers and many more.

This second book ‘A Wise Water World Inspires Me: Top Tips for Wise Water Kids, continues with empowering questions around the themes of emotions, water and going with the flow.

You can find out more on his Facebook author page, Andrew Holt.

“BELIEF is the key to move and share your best.

A brave heart is what beats inside your OWN treasure chest."

– Book 2 in the Wise Kids Series - ‘A Wise Water World Inspires Me’–

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