Under the Wise Kids Movement The Wise Kids Quest is run 4 times a year.

Easter, Winter, Spring and January Holidays  or if you can gather 10-15 primary aged children I can come to your family and friends.

The Quest has three parts full of tips and tools to support your child from 27 years experience working with children all over the world.

  1. half day preparation for the quest where we gather live to begin our journey by creating a staff as a symbol of our leadership. 

  2. 8 week group mentorship ( on line) in putting steps in place to create our vision 

  3. Celebration - Families and friends coming together 


Current Events

Easter Holidays

North Sunshine Coast - 'The Kula Farm'- Verrierdale (10 minutes from Eumundi) 



South Sunshine Coast - 'Humanity HQ' - Caloundra 



Brisbane  or other inquiries email for details at  aholty@gmail.com