Meet Dakota!

Dakota Teal – Aquene



11, youngest of 2



Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


Favourite hobbies/ interests

Making music and writing songs. Also restoring cars


How long have you been drawing or creating art?

I have been drawing about a year.

I decided to enter this book as I was bored and decided to try something new.

Drawing makes me feel happy.

I like to draw freehand.


What do you like about the story “A Shooting Star”?

Looking at the stars with grandma because I like star gazing

What does it mean to you to be part of this book with the other child illustrators around the world?

A chance to meet other people


How have you used the shooting star with your family or friends?

I used it with friends, mum and a little girl at church


What advice would you give children or teenagers about going for your dreams?

Drawing helps put the negativity into a positive drawing


As a wise kid, what message to you think humanity/humans needs to hear right now?

Focus on happy things and be positive for the greater good


Name one person in your life who you would love to give a shooting star to. Why?

My mum because she brought me into this world and without her I would not be here.


Social media

Instagram : teal7444



Email:   Ph +61 432285801

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41 Cambridge Circuit

Sovereign Heights 

Gympie, Queensland,

Australia 4570 

T: 0427 509 206


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