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Wise Kids/Teen Quest

Wise Kids Movement

6-12 year old - 13-18 year old

Welcome to the unfolding of a dream… ‘The Wise Kids Movement’.     


The Wise Kids Movement is a place where wise kids take the reins of their future, their vision and go on a quest with facilitation in creating the manifestation of their vision with tools of self-awareness and responsibility. The movement is part of creating leaders of the future that are supported in reaching their dreams and aspirations for their future and for the benefit of the future society.

In preparation for their Adventure/Vision Quest, they investigate and explore their mindset and skills needed, and start to understand their weaknesses, recognise their strengths and the strengths that they will likely need to implement for the quest. They will also, up- skill in ways to recognise and handle stress and their emotions.

The Wise Kids Adventure Quest has two steps of training.

1.‘The Foundation’

In the foundation stage your young wise kid (at this stage ages 7–12-year-old) is up- skilling themselves on their leadership, vision or passion, touch on their strengths and weaknesses, amongst games to share and a fun supportive space to explore and support their own mindset and stresses of their vision quest. It will involve a celebratory send off on their quest with family at the end of the half day. As well as making their very own leadership Staff.


The foundation quest is also offered as a 30 minute on- line introduction. events are every Tuesday.  See event tab for latest events

2.‘The Quest’

Where the skills and tools are applied and reflected upon as they journey in creating, making, and investigating their Vision into life.  A mentored and facilitated process of 8 weeks is undertaken and on completion a presentation on video/ public in sharing the progress on their vision, the ups and downs, where they are at, completion and new directions as a result from their new awareness’s. They will be supported by weekly zoom meetings, A Wise Kids Adventure Guide as well as ‘ A Wise Apple tree Helps Me’…creative colouring journal.


TIMES:  4 times a year online (look at the events section for the next dates or send me an email of your interest in the 9 week course)








Master program 


Deepening – the self /energy and creation / neuroscience/ epigenetics

1. The Young Entrepreneur (option 1) – Creating a business from the Quest.

2. Become an author (option 2) to share your wisdom to the world

3. Or???


Please send Andrew an email if you are interested in having the Wise Kids Adventure Quest come to your area.

Here are some photos of the the ‘Wise Kids Adventure Quest’ – The Foundation

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