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With every order get the 2019 Wise Water World Calendar FREE (while stocks last)

- ideal for students to self- reflect through reading rhyming wisdoms, answering self inquiry questions , colouring and free lined and blank spaces to allow for individual expression. ( social, emotional learning)


A young boy, Sam, is learning about his emotions and feelings, as he makes choices at the water theme park.

Are you a wise water kid?

How can you be one?

Join Sam on a wild adventure with Grandpa Joe in the amazing water world. The water park is more than slides and log rides! Sam begins to discover just how wise water can be.

What can our feelings and emotions share with us on the ride of our watery life?

What treasures will you find inside to remember the wise water kid that you are?

CLASS SET of 30 A Wise Water World Inspires Me (COLOURING JOURNAL)

$598.50 Regular Price
$388.50Sale Price
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