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Both Books cover areas of mindfulness and neuroplasticity of the brain, positive psychology, empowerment, self -directed learning, emotional intelligence, resilience and a load more. It's linked to the national curriculum promoting self-awareness, social awareness, self-responsibility and social responsibility through sharing and applying many simple but effective learning tools that come from both modern and ancient wisdoms.


The tools and wisdoms are presented in the form of powerful questions and simple, yet creative rhymes and illustrations that are easy to remember. These can become like a daily affirmation or stimulus for change through refection and discussion (and/or written response if purchasing the creative colouring journal). It challenges each one (adults and children alike) of us to be our best role models for the change we wish to see in others.

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Are you a wise kid?            How do you be one?

Join Sam in the Wise Kids Series to discover a few tips

that can change your own hero’s journey too.

What treasures will you find inside to remember the wise kid you are?


Book One Questions

What ripple effect are you creating?


How will you train your Brain?


What will your masterpiece be?


What is your style?


Who do you ask for help?


Have you made a plan for success?


How can I calm my mind?


How do I overcome my fears?


Book Two Questions

What adventures of fun will I have under the sun?

What do I believe, for me to achieve?

How do I express my dance at every chance? 

How can I have a great year and not be a slave to fear? 

What emotional slide will I decide to ride?

Can I read my body’s clues to dance away any blues?

What helpful action can I do to change my sadness to satisfaction? 

How will I shine my best as I journey on my quest? 

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