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Creating Creative Space

Creating Space for children to investigate, experiment and play with their own interests is often quite challenging in today’s full curriculum or in the daily running of a family. If space is found, in a classroom its usually around a theme that is already being studied with giving children one or two options.

What could it look like if there was a creative space, say a creative hour in the school curriculum each day? Or at a minimum twice a week? where students were given space to create make or investigate then share their discoveries through a supported self- directed learning project. How powerful this could be in partnership with a reflective space to go within during the process?

There are three main ways to fill up that space that I feel is so important for all of us, but particularly children.

Creating Creative Space
Creating Creative Space
  1. Space to be able to sit daily with yourself in your own company though meditation or mindfulness and journaling is creating creative space. For you to question and reflect and learn about you and how you learn is the basis of whether you are conscious of your creations. In this space our own awareness of ourselves is the foundation of discerning the likes and dislikes and then stepping into the actions we wish to create with self-awareness.

  2. A safe Space to be able to create make or investigate an interest or passion. A safe space to feel you won’t be criticised, and more importantly if you are, you have the knowledge of who you are and skills to trust in yourself to follow what you wish and to choose how you can respond.

  3. Space to be able to express this interest or passion of discovery in benefitting others. To express our passion is also to ignite the passion in others, for they see the potential of the power of creation in themselves through the space of you are in from the truth of you Then you become that inspired change you wish to see in others. In a world that constantly is trying to fill up our space with information its more important than ever to be mindful of what we are choosing to bring into our space?

Space is a theme throughout the Wise Kids Series and the Wise Kids hero Quest. Each of the wise kids’ books have questions to create a space for discussion and opportunity to act from this.

Its interesting to note as I write this I’m surrounded by space. I’m 160km from the nearest town and shop in the, semi-arid Northern Territory outback. The is so much space with limited distractions, but how I choose to fill it is no different to anywhere else, including my responses to what is around me. I still ask, how will I use…

  • The creative space of one minute…

  • The creative space of one hour...

  • The creative space of one day...

  • The creative space of one life...

  • What do I do with the space I get the privilege to create today ?

  • at home ?

  • for my children?

  • Family?

  • For me?

  • Do I own my creative space?

  • My dreams?

  • How do I ‘be’ in it?

  • How is my inner space reflected on the outer?

Enjoy creating the ideal space for you.

- Andrew Holt

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