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Kind acts - the opposite to bullying

Kind acts is a powerful practice to enable our children to living happy and fulfilling lives. It is also antidote to being teased and bullied and is often what the bully themselves is wanting behind the behaviour. We have put so much energy into knowing all forms of bullying. How to recognise it, see it and prevent it. I wonder how things could change if we put the same amount of energy into doing kind acts to ourselves and others.

Have you noticed how you feel when doing kind acts for another or when on the receiving end of a kind act? Science has shown that we release feel good hormones, such as dopamine within our body when we do so. The feelings of wellbeing can also be received by someone seeing the kind act being done. This is the ripple effect of the such an event and the chance of the receiver or the witness doing a kind act increases. The kinds acts can be done at random or even anonymously.

Every grade I teach now, we organise a kind act excursion to which we include Random Acts of Kindness. We hand out flowers, cards, bookmarks and small handmade gifts to various community organisations. Organisations such as the Police, hospitals and volunteer agencies, such as meals on wheels. The ripple effect for children to feel and see the effects of such an action creates joy and sense of wellbeing. It also involves practicing courage to connect to another and to communicate their gift as they share their kind act.

Kind acts - the opposite to bullying
Kind acts - the opposite to bullying

Apart from the ripple effects of the feeling of contentment , sense of achievement, wellbeing and joy the students have also experiences people gifting back , box of chocolates, free nail polish, hugs, complements.

This can also be such a beautiful exchange when young people visit a retirement village where they can both practice the act of giving and receiving in the company of sharing wise stories and skills and the vibrant energy of youth or even have a grandparents day at school.

- Andrew Holt

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