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The Best Present in the World

The best gift in the world is the present moment.

To be in the presence of another is an opportunity to gift them and myself by fully showing up to them. This IS the best present to a child and it is priceless. And not just children, in my experience, it creates a deepening of trust, care and value to the relationship, that particularly children can see and feel. That you are ‘Here’ in this moment with them, for them is a deep honouring of who they are. Isn’t that a form of love in expression? This requires a deep sense of listening with no judgement and without distraction. And not just once. To be present to another is showing greatest respect and honouring of them. So often we can want this of our children, but am I truly showing them how by my own example?

The Best Present in the World
The Best Present in the World

Particularly in an addictive device world or in a demanding job, where I am constantly pulled to respond immediately and a comment on a post, a photo in social media or to that email. The demands for our attention in our society have seem to be greater than ever. Which for me personally and in my observation can lead to being scattered. Which obviously, not the best present for my child(ren) in my care.

This is what is meant in Top Tip # 8 ‘The Present”- Am I am present in the here or now? For if we are not present, we are either thinking or worrying about the future, which can lead to anxiety or thinking about what was, or could have been in the past, leading to depression.

The Best Present in the World
The Best Present in the World

If I am here in the NOW moment…Could this be what my purpose is? Parenting or being a teacher is an investment to the future generations to what we wish to see in this world. To have us be the present of presence in the short time we have children in our lives is as much a gift to us as it is for them. Not to mention the future society we leave behind.

Why not let the best present we give our child(ren)be the legacy we leave behind by our example of being present to them? For when we are we also will notice the gifts that they are here to share and teach us as well.

When I am HERE, NOW to what is …the gift to what follows to the next moment will occur. To see this investment unfold in the child’s life and then their children can arguably be the “Best present in the world!!!”

- Andrew Holt

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