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Relax to achieve My Max

"Its important to RELAX each day.

and to let any worries pass away.

You can use music to chill and be still,

Paint, draw, do exercises – whatever you will’.

Take a break from what you do,

drinking water will help you too

Being in nature will help you be calm,

‘relaxed’ will then be part of your charm’"

- Wise Kids Series - Book 1- Pg 28 ‘ A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me’- Top Tips for Wise Kids

Relax to achieve My Max
Relax to achieve My Max

In this busy hectic time of the year, especially parents, when do we have time to relax? How can being ‘relaxed’ be part of my charm?

What gifts does it give me?

I would argue that ‘relax to achieve my Max’ would be one of the greatest gifts I can gift myself and those around me in this time of the year. For any time of the year really.

For when I relax, what happens? There is a pause, a feeling of enough. I can accept things right now and become present to what is here. I am saying its time for me. I am saying I am important. I am going to recharge myself by looking after myself. I do allow time for me to refill my self – care cup.

We all know that a happy, relaxed me will see the world from a very different place to a stressed out tired and cranky me. Everything I do and be are sending messages to the children in my care of how they could choose to relax to achieve their max.

Relax to achieve My Max
Relax to achieve My Max

Here are 10 tip ways that I can remind myself to ‘Relax achieve My max’ in this busy end of year season. I can…

1. Relax by getting up 10-15 minutes before everyone else and do a mindful practice.

2. Relax by taking 3 deep Breathes every hour and set your alarm to remind me.

3. Relax by having a bath or when in a shower let the warm water run over my forehead and breathe deeply.

4. Relax by booking in a massage for an 30- 60+ minutes hour. Or get creative and do a swap with the kids or my partner.

5. Relax from cooking and have take- away one night.

6. Relax by going out into nature (dawn or dusk or when kids have gone to bed), even if its in my back yard and take my shoes off and walk around or lie down.

7. Relax by going for a swim if I am near water. This could beach, pool or a spa.

8. Relax by having a 20 minute power nap

9.Relax by allowing time for something that I love to do. Paint, draw, cook, listen to music and dance when I can, like no one is watching.

10. Relax by arranging for the kids to be dropped off at one of their friend’s place or their grandparents for a morning/afternoon or whole day. Maybe even an overnight? Then do something for me to relax to achieve my max.

NB REMEMBER amongst the many things on the ‘I to do lists’! – PUT ME FIRST

May we all find a tip or two from the above or be inspired to make space this holiday season to ‘Relax in order to achieve my Max’ charm this holiday season.

- Andrew Holt

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