Relax to achieve My Max

"Its important to RELAX each day.

and to let any worries pass away.

You can use music to chill and be still,

Paint, draw, do exercises – whatever you will’.

Take a break from what you do,

drinking water will help you too

Being in nature will help you be calm,

‘relaxed’ will then be part of your charm’"

- Wise Kids Series - Book 1- Pg 28 ‘ A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me’- Top Tips for Wise Kids

Relax to achieve My Max
Relax to achieve My Max

In this busy hectic time of the year, especially parents, when do we have time to relax? How can being ‘relaxed’ be part of my charm?

What gifts does it give me?

I would argue that ‘relax to achieve my Max’ would be one of the greatest gifts I can gift myself and those around me in this time of the year. For any time of the year really.