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Goals, Success and Children; Two Important Questions

1) Do you notice the success your children already are?

Have you ever noticed children naturally often have goals for the success in aiming for what they want? They role play, persist at asking questions and in play can creatively create scenarios that plan, set goals and solve several problems to a successful completion. As they grow older this can transition into hobbies, sports, music, other interests that may even include their own business.

In a classroom I have often incorporated academic, personal goals. The last few years this has also included character strength and wellbeing goals with children at the beginning of each term. Having them imagine the end goal, feeling the success of achievement once completed (sometimes with their favourite music). The process is then either written (with action steps), illustrated or both (hand or digital) as a vision digital board/ display. All very powerful ingredients, especially the feelings that become the fuel.

Set a goal for each day,

To help grow, learn and play.

Create a vision board to help set you free,

For the things you want to have, feel and see’

- page 24 -25 -”Have I made a plan for my success?

-children’s rhyming book, ‘A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me…’

(both in Picture book and Creative colouring journal format)

Goals, Success and Children
Goals, Success and Children

2) Do you notice the success you are already modelling?

Pep talk time 😉 ..OK…remember, its your life! And it’s the life you are wanting to model for your children in your care. So its up to you to own your response-ability in setting goals and planning the success of what you desire. The desire to create, make, design or investigate in your life and therefore show this, your model to your children. Does it include wellbeing?

How are you consciously demonstrating planning and responding to success and setbacks to your children (either as a parent, adult or educator). They are watching and absorbing it regardless. Do you talk through (age appropriately) the situation you are facing allowing your child to witness your internal dialogue?

Have you ever asked yourself? Your partner and your child(ren)? What does success mean to you? What is a successful home/family/classroom/relationship? What would the possibilities of incorporating a time where this could be discussed AND written down!

Do you have a plan for your own success… a concrete plan or do you just wait for what comes? How are you showing to your kids you are successful in all areas of your life? Outlooks, Relationships, careers, creating solutions, failure and success and the list goes on.

Do you notice the success that nature is modelling?

I love looking at nature and seeing the cycles of monthly, yearly and lifetime goals and success planning. The new beginnings of Spring through to growth and expansion of getting out and about in sharing life in Summer. To then the autumn of harvest and gathering and winding down for retreat and reflections of the year that was in winter, before birthing anew again. Not to mention the moon cycle and the planning around this. I like to plan my goals and successes from this format, rather than a ‘new years’ goal, as for me the new year naturally comes with the birth of spring for the year ahead and fine tuned each month with the moon cycles, then down to weekly and daily habits and routines.

Whichever format and approach to goals, success and children, may you be blessed with creating the life you have dreamt of creating for you and your family.

- Andrew Holt

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